Uni-Chem Inc.
Water Treatment Division
List of Products and Services
  1. Buffers (Solid and/or solution of)
    • Acetate / Acetic Acid Buffers
    • Ammonia / Ammonium Chloride Buffers
    • Borate / Boric Acid Buffers
    • Phosphate Buffers
    • Custom Buffers Prepare at the specifications of the client

  2. Corrosion Inhibitors (Chlorine and Oxygen Scavengers)
    • Sodium Bisulfite (Solid and Solution)
    • Sodium Sulfite (Solid and Solution)
    • Hydrazine (50%, 30% and 10% Solution)
    • Sodium Nitrite (Solid and Solutions)

  3. Neutralizing Amines (To control the pH of the condensates)
    • Diethyl Amino Ethanol   -   30% Solution
    • Cyclohexyl Amine         -   30% Solution
    • Morpholine                   -   30% Solution
    • Other concentrations are available under request

  4. Scale Removing
    • EDTA Tetrasodium Salt (Sequestrane)
    • NTA (Nitrilo-triacetic Acid)
    • Phosphate Buffer (For Scale Prevention)

  5. Anti Foam Agents (Anti Surge)
    • BASF   MAZU DF 210S
                  MAZU DF 255
                  RIDAFOAM NS 221
                  PLURONIC L-92
          And many others to suite your needs

  6. Other Chemicals
    1. Caustic Soda Solution
           50% NaOH
           25% NaOH
           10% NaOH
    2. Caustic Potash (At many concentrations)
    3. Potassium Permanganate
    4. Hydrogen Peroxide
    5. Sulfuric, Hydrochloric and Nitric Acids
    6. Copper Sulfate
    7. Common Salt (NaCl)
    8. Diatomaceous Earth
    9. Bleach (Sodium Hypochorite)
    10. Inquire about other chemicals not included in this list
Equipment (we represent)
  1. Milton Roy (LMI) Metering pumps and controllers
  2. +GF+Signet Flow and analytical Instruments
  3. Sea Metrics Flow meters and controls
  4. Level Control and Flow Switches
  5. Sensorex pH/ORP and conductivity sensors
  6. J.L. Wingert Co. Water and waste water equipment
  7. Water Quality meters by Myron L. Company and Hanna Instruments
    (pH, Temperature, ORP, TDS, Conductivity)
  8. Testing Kits (Taylor, Alden Leeds)
  9. Custom Testing Kits by Uni-Chem Inc. and North Jersey Testing Co.
  10. We can supply and recommend the following
  11. Water Softening Equipment
  12. Deionizing Systems
  13. Filters
Consulting Services

We visit our customers to determine their particular needs. We specify equipment, usage of chemicals etc. We also do sampling and chemical testing services for water, scale and chemical.

All chemical testing services will be performed by an independent and certified chemical testing laboratory.

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