Lady Isis Herbal Products Co.
(Division of Uni-Chem Inc.)
100 North Hackensack Avenue
South Kearny, NJ 07032

Our division aims to combine the herbal lore with state of the art chemical techniques to produce high quality and effective herbal remedies and nutritional supplements. Our sources are as varied as alchemical writings, Egyptian medical papyri, such as the leyden papyrus and the most recent advances in phytochemistry.

Our parent company, Uni-Chem Inc. specializes in research & development in products geared mainly toward the utilization of new sources of energy and the electronic industry.

We are an environmentally friendly company. Our director studied phyto chemistry with Prof. Hans Becker of the University of Heidelberg.


Our Company has the facilities for the production of customized extracts, tinctures and concentrated extracts of most herbs.

For cases of heat sensitive products we perform low temperature distillations under reduced pressure. We also can perform, in house, advanced chromatographical separations of individual components of various herbs.


We presently produce an herbal medicinal product that is sold in bulk that is an alcoholic garlic distillate with antihypertensive and antihypercholesteremic properties.

This product is sold under the generic label of “Garlic Extract” or under our name brand “Garlic Miracle.” Our tests on volunteer test subjects and other alternate medicine practitioners have yielded excellent results.

Detailed information on this product and its components will be included with this mini brochure.

Arthritis / Lymphatic Drainage Aid is another specialized product. This is an ointment used to aid lymphatic drainage and to reduce arthritis pains.

This product can be presented as a cream or a liquid. This product is only produced upon request in small amounts (3kg maximum).

It is very effective for minor arthritis pain and for lower limb swelling due to blockage of the lymphatic vessels.

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